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Whenever I feel upset or worried, I try to remember all the things that make me happy.

MY BOOKS – Ever since I was a little girl I was fascinated by the wonderful world of books. Fairy tales and Greek mythological tales about the gods of Olympus were my first favorites. Every room of my house is packed with books. I read a lot; both fiction and nonfiction. Romances, mysteries, contemporary literature, old masters, historical books, biographies, travel books, philosophy. Add to this gardening and cook books.

I can’t name an absolute favorite. How could I? But I can mention a book I read in college, a book of scientific suppositions written by a physics professor at Columbia University named George Gamow – “One, Two, Three….Infinity”. It was written in 1947 and republished many times. I have a 1988 edition. It is a mind-opening book.

I prefer books that are optimistic, uplifting, and with happy-endings. Life is full of difficulties and when I retreat in a fictional world I want it to be happy.


MY GARDEN and ROSES – I love my roses. They grow very well here in the Pacific Northwest, although they require a lot of work and care. I have about fifty rosebushes and they are a joy to look at in summer when they are in bloom.

MUSIC – Everybody loves music. My favorite is jazz, but I also like country, classical, and some rock.


JASMINE TEA – This is a personal preference. I can’t imagine spending a more pleasant time than in my favorite old recliner near the fireplace with a great book and a cup of tea.

MOCHA – Another personal favorite. I live in the Seattle area. Can you picture walking into Starbucks on a cold, drizzly day, having a hot Mocha with a croissant, and listening to the soft jazz music playing in the background?



CHRISTMAS – I love how my house looks at Christmastime all dressed up with greenery and red ribbons and the tree full of lights and ornaments. I have old ornaments, very unique and I enjoy decorating the tree with them. Also the smell of baking and cooking from the kitchen, and the Christmas music playing all day long contribute to the holiday atmosphere.



A DAY AT THE BEACH – I adore to sit on the sand and look at the sea. I’m not a sailor, I’m not crazy about boats or sunbathing, but I consider a day at the beach a very effective way to achieve serenity and peace of mind.




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